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Real Estate Image Editing & Retouching SERVICES Online

If you’re into real estate photography and looking for someone who can make your images more appealing, then outsourcing your images to an image editing company like Editblocks can help you out from your problem to edit your pictures in less time. Nowadays, real estate agents or builders who are selling properties need a professional photographer who can shoot and edit photos that includes indoor and outdoor shots of the property. And most professional real estate photographers hate to spend time on a computer to edit their photographs. Processing the images requires 3 to 4 hours in editing batch of images which results in the time-consuming and low-quality output.

A professional real estate photo editor knows the photographer's needs to enhance their images and work according to the requirement to get the desired output. So, we have got a team of experts who can work on real estate images to provide extraordinary looks to the final output. And this would help real estate agents to sell the property faster by posting the photos on real estate magazines, online listing and also promoting online on various social media platforms.

Our Real Estate Image Editing Services

Before HDR Blending before
After HDR Blending after

HDR Real Estate Image Editing Services

Blending different real estate images exposures into multiple exposures & single exposure images resulting in more in-depth clarity. Types of work we do to bracket the exposures :

  1. Color Exposure Correction

  2. Perspective Correction

  3. Image Bracketing (Multiple exposure & Single Exposure)

  4. Focus Blending


Color Cast Removal

Making it easy for you to get rid of the entire color cast correction from an image with complementary colors. Types of work we do to correct color cast :

  1. Color Correction

  2. Curves & Level Adjustments

  3. White Balance Adjustment

  4. Noise & Grains Reduction

Before Color Cast Removal Before
After Color Cast Removal After
Before sky-replacement-before
After sky-replacement-after

Real Estate shot with Sky Replacement

Making it easy for outdoor images in replacing the sky and by enhancing the sky visuals. Types of work we do to for sky swaps :

  1. Adding & Replacing the sky

  2. Grass Replacement & Removing unwanted objects Correction

  3. Sky Image Enhancement

  4. Day to Dusk Conversion

  5. Sky Perspective Correction


Perspective Distortion Services for Architecture Photos


Advanced techniques like drawing squads, making the edges parallel and straightening the lines (vertical and horizontal). Types of work we do to fix lens distortion :

  1. Perspective Cropping

  2. Barrel Distortion Correction

  3. Correcting Multiple Perspectives

Before photo masking before editing
After photo masking changes after editing

Photo Stitching Services

360 Degree panorama photo stitching is the process to stitch the surrounding shots into one panoramic image which surrounds the original point of any place which can be achieved through advanced technologies.

  1. Outer-Cylinder Panorama

  2. Inner-Sphere Panorama

  3. Outer-Sphere Panorama

  4. 360*180 Degree Spherical Panorama


Aerial / Drone Photography Editing

Making the necessary color correction and changes in the pictures taken by the drone. Types of work we do to edit drone photos :

  1. Aerial 360 Panorama Stitching

  2. Color Cast Removal

  3. Sky Replacement

  4. Perspective Correction

  5. HDR Conversion

Before Aerial Photography Editing
After Aerial Photography Editing
Before Day to Dusk Before
After Day to Dusk After

Day to Dusk Conversion

Convert boring daytime photography into exciting and eye-catching twilight photographs for real estate agents. Types of work we do to convert day to dusk :

  1. Sky Replacement

  2. Set up interior lighting

  3. Adding additional light

  4. Color toning


Virtual Staging Services

It is the process to alter, modify the images such as change the color, adding furniture and decor items to enhance the look of the property. Types of work we do to fill the empty listing :

  1. Style & Decor

  2. Furniture Removal & Replacement

  3. Decorating Sky Replacement

  4. Outside Enhancements

Before Virtual Staging Service Before
After Virtual Staging Service After
Before photoshop for car photography & automotive post processing before & after effects
After photoshop for car photography & automotive post processing before & after effects


We do both 2D and 3D floor plans as per the requirement of the client, providing the value plus high-quality design in detailing the total area measurements, floor size, names, and furniture layout plans.

  1. Black & White 2D Floor Plans

  2. 2D Floor Plan with Full Color

  3. 3D Floor Plans

Why choose us to edit & retouch your real estate photos?

According to the latest stats, 90% of the buyers browse online to invest their money to buy their next dream home, and high-quality images catch the buyer's interest. Professional photos that are edited by the photo editors proven to sell the listing faster up to 50%, which increases the sales drastically. So it becomes more important for a real estate agent to promote amazing photos to grab the attention of the buyers.


White Balancing

Image Sharpening

Window Pulling

Color Cast Removal

Remove Minor blemishes

Cropping and Resizing

Dust Spot Removal

Time Stamp Removal

Remove Camera Flashes

Tone Adjustment

Removal & Replacements

Brightness & Contrast adjustment


Benefits of choosing our services

We accept volume discounts and operate at a low margin on high volume.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We would make the necessary changes to get your photos to look professional.

We accept raw files in different formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc., and deliver output as per the required size.

We are here to listen to your feedback and suggestions to improve the output quality.

Our services are totally secured and affordable without compromising on the work quality.

We check each and every bit of the work such as a quality check before delivering it to our clients.

We have handled and delivered the size of the projects in quick turnaround time.

Outsourcing your Real Estate Images would save your time

Shooting real estate photos is a challenging job. While shooting pictures on a blown-out sunny day or shooting indoors in different lighting situations. In this case, you will need the help of Photoshop editor who can rectify the errors from the images and making them look more appealing to the buyers.

When it comes to outsourcing your pictures to us no matter if your a professional photographer or a real estate business, we can offer you the superior quality images which can save your time and money. Currently, we're providing our services in major countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, etc.