Types of Image Masking
Services we do

Complex Photo Masking Services

Is an advanced masking service used to edit semi-transparent objects in the images like hair, feathers, etc., or semi-translucent objects like flames, feathers, glasses, etc.

Complex masking also include:

  1. Alpha channel masking
  2. Hair masking and fur masking
  3. Photoshop transparency masking
  4. Translucent image masking
  5. Photoshop collage masking

Background Replacement

Background replacement lets you completely replace the entire background.

Before image masking - wth background removal changes before & after
After image masking - wth easy background removal
Before Photoshop image masking - before effect
After Photoshop image masking - after editing in Photoshop

Background Removal

Background removal service lets you eradicate the background of the image.

Creating Soft Transition

Creating a soft feeling effect on the image for a smoother transition.

Obtaining precise, clean & sharp edges

Retaining and refining sharp and clean edges in the images.

Mirror Reflection

Creating a mirror effect on the subject of the picture giving it a professional look.

color correction

These lets you adjust multiple portions of the picture with the required color correction to make an image perfect.

Why choose us for Masking your

For masking or clipping on Photoshop, we got an in-house expert team who are holding 5 to 6 years of experience in the image editing field. We work as a consultant for providing the best image editing & retouching service. If you’re looking for a company, who can do all your image editing stuff. Then a company like us would be a significant benefit in expecting high-quality output from our end. Also by saving your valuable time and money.

Security & Privacy - Once you delivery your photos to us, we will ensure you that your data won’t be shared on other social media platforms or other third party websites without your permission. And your data will be highly secured. Keeping 100% confidential.

Price & Quality - We will be providing the high-end quality service without compressing the quality and the cost will be low as per marketing standards.

Time of Delivery - It depends upon the editing work and number of images. Hardly it takes 24 to 48 hours from our end to delivery your pictures. So don’t need to think much as your image quality won’t suffer.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is often used to remove the background from images that subject with hair or fur, a picture with a fuzzy edge, an image with a transparent object. Image masking is highly used and popular among photographers and other Photoshop users who do image editing stuff on a daily basis. Using some advanced tools like channels, refine edges, magic wand tool, background eraser tool and color separation techniques to do photo masking.

To be frank, from our end, masking is a tiresome job, requires time and patience in working on sharp and fuzzy edges, and images with the transparent object. A highly trained professional editor can easily play with Photoshop tools while doing masking and would easily accomplish the task. We as a designer & editor can clip out pictures from various details using masks and layers. Here we work on both primary and advanced level masking techniques.

Who needs Images masking

Photo masking services will be a profitable deal for photographers or business staff who are interested in editing images for promoting their products or client’s work online. Image masking will benefit those who mostly do offline and online promotion of products on Amazon,eBay, and other e-commerce websites. Masking will also help photographers to attract more clients to satisfy their needs.

Sometimes things might get complicated from the client side when they demand advance masking, where a photographer looks for help to get his job done within a specified time. So an editing company like us would be more helpful in taking risks in doing simple & advanced masking services for your business in less time.