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Nowadays online business drives customers through quality images posted on their websites or in an e-commerce platform.Today every company have an online presence for their products and services, whether they promote on their own or take the help of any e-commerce websites.

Photographers or any staff member of the company who takes good photos of their products need to make changes in the image to look more genuine in the eyes of customers and client when it goes live.

When you want to remove any background or change the background colour, remove any objects or to show shadows on all images then clipping images is more useful for editing the image and making it more refined. So a clipping path service provider would help to edit your images and provide the quality which your client will love to use in their business for product promotions.

“EditBlocks” is an image editing company who love to take challenges to work according to client requirements and give our best in saving time & money.

OUR Image Clipping Path Service

Before image clipping path service
After image clipping path after effect

1. Simple & Basic Clipping Path

it ’s basic editing that contains a straight line or oval shape images with no holes comes to a very basic and curve, make it more comfortable for an editor to edit.

2.Complex Clipping Path

Is applied in the image with very complex and compound shapes this image contain holes and closed path making it more challenging to edit especially the image of jewelry, chain, furniture, bracelets.

3. Drop Shadow

To create visual effects in the image creating shadows that photography wouldn’t get while shooting photos. Types of drop shadows we do natural shadows, floating shadows, cast shadows.
Before ghost mannequin - before
After ghost mannequin - after edit

4. Ghost Mannequin

Photographers use a model or a mannequin to shoot product photos, and through photoshop it’s possible to hide the model or mannequin by applying manipulation effect on every product picture.

6. Color Variations

Adding new colours to the existing image to make it more natural and with a different variation.

7.Background Change

Changing the current background or adding a new background.

Why choose us for Clipping your Images?

We got a team of photo editors who are efficient in editing photos and make it look real in the eyes of a human without any distraction. Here you can save your money and your time. We don’t hire or outsource our client product to a freelancer or an editing company.

As an editing firm we got 5 to 6 years experienced staffs, which do basic and complex clipping along with masking in terms of providing the quality to our clients work.

What all things we take into consideration while providing our service?

a. Privacy & Security - We make it sure that data which you provide wouldn’t get shared to any social media platforms without your permission. Your data are fully secured.

b. Amount We Charge - We will not be charging the huge amount while it comes to editing your bulk images, we strictly follow marketing standards and the rates.

c. Quality & Time - We produce the high-end quality result and the time as specified to delivery the output.

d. Support - We would help to resolve out your queries at any time.

Outsourcing Clipping Path Services

Now, most of the online business or product photographer across the globe will be looking for a specialized clipping path service provider who can do dynamic image isolation, background removal/elimination, ghost mannequin removal and various clipping methods to make changes as per the requirement and deliver the output on time.

When clipping images or doing any product retouching work of your own would be a time-consuming job for you and your business. As handling lots of projects in hand to accomplish in a specified time is almost a risk factor. If you're looking for someone, who can clip and mask bulk images in less than an hour by producing high-quality work without charging a high price. Then a company like us will not care about any limits or boundaries when it comes to helping the clients in a difficult situation, and we can take the risk for you to edit and delivery the images to photographers or the business around the world from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East, China, etc. Having a team of professional photo editing experts we can easily accomplish the task.

What is Clipping Path and its benefit to use in real world?

If you are new to clipping path services and looking to implement this services in your business, then we are here to explain what is clipping path? And how it will benefit your business. As most of the photographers will be familiar with this service, but some of the online product business who are new to image editing service will find this term "clipping" complicated.

Clipping is nothing but removing the background or hiding the specific background from the image. Suppose if you're dealing with e-commerce products and looking to replace the background from a particular image.

Then with the help of image editing tool we usually replace the background or cut the specific product and placing it on a white background to look more genuine and eye catchy in the eyes of consumers these all tasks done by using the pen tool in adobe photoshop. And the advanced level of clipping which takes time, and we call it image masking.

As per the current market competition, it becomes hard for a new business to promote products online and grab customers attention towards the products so by clipping it becomes more comfortable for the photographer and the client to show up products in different variation which emotionally catch users attention through images.

And images are the main factor for a business to convert visitors to real customers.