OUR Image Clipping Path Service

Before ghost mannequin - before
After ghost mannequin - after edit

1. Simple & Basic Clipping Path

Basic image editing that contains a straight line or oval shape images with no holes comes to a very basic and curve, makes it more comfortable for an editor to edit.

2. Complex Clipping Path

is applied in the image with very complex and compound shapes, the image which contains holes and closed path making it more easy to edit especially when working on jewelry, chain, furniture bracelets or other product images.

3. Drop Shadow

To create visual effects in the image, creating shadows that the photographer wouldn’t get while shooting photos. Types of drop shadows we do, natural shadows, floating shadows, cast shadows.

4. Ghost Mannequin

Photographers use a model or a mannequin to shoot product photos, and through Photoshop it’s possible to hide the model or mannequin by applying manipulation effect on every product picture.

5. Color Variations

Adding new colors to the existing image to make it more natural and with a different variation.

6. Background Change

Changing the current background or adding a new background.

Why choose us for Clipping your Images ?

We’ve got a team of photo editors who are efficient in editing photos and make it look real in the eyes of a human without any distractions. Our professional editors do basic and complex clipping along with masking in terms of providing quality to our client's work.

We accept volume discounts and operate at a low margin on high volume.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We would make the necessary changes to get your photos to look professional.

We accept raw files in different formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc., and deliver output as per the required size.

We are here to listen to your feedback and suggestions to improve the output quality.

Our services are totally secured and affordable without compromising on the work quality.

We check each and every bit of the work such as a quality check before delivering it to our clients.

We have handled and delivered the size of the projects in quick turnaround time.

Outsourcing Clipping Path Services

Now, most of the online business or product photographer across the globe are looking for professional image editing service provider who can do dynamic changes in the image like image isolation, background removal/elimination, ghost mannequin removal, and various clipping methods as per the requirements and to deliver the output on time.

When clipping images or doing any product retouching work of your own would be a time-consuming job for you and your business. As handling various projects in hand to accomplish in a specified time is almost a risk factor. If you're looking for someone who can clip and mask bulk images in less time without charging a high price can be profitable, so a company like us will not care about any limits or boundaries when it comes to helping clients in a difficult situation, and we can take the risk to edit and deliver the images to photographers or the business around the world from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East, China, etc. The tasks can be accomplished easily as we have got professional editors.

What is Clipping Path and its benefits of using in the real world?

If you are new to clipping path services and looking to implement these services in your business, then we are here to explain what is clipping path? And how it will benefit your business. As most of the photographers will be familiar with this service, but some of the online product businesses that are new to image editing service will find this term "clipping" complicated.

Clipping is nothing but removing the background or hiding the specific background from the image. Supposedly if you're dealing with e-commerce products and looking to replace the background from a particular image, then with the help of image editing tool it is easy to replace the background or cut the specific product or replacing the background to make it look more genuine and eye-catchy in the eyes of the consumers. All these tasks are done by using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. And the advanced level of clipping which takes time, and we call it as image masking. As per the current market competition, it becomes hard for a new business to promote products online and grab customers attention towards the products so, by clipping it becomes more comfortable for the photographer and the clients to show up products in different variations.