Professional Image Manipulation
& Photo Enhancement


Image manipulation is all we see in magazines, cover pages, product advertisement newspapers, websites and all it spells the creativity of the editors who design the image making it more natural and realistic feel like describing the story to the viewers.

Graphic designers think and make the necessary changes in the picture giving an abstract look. Image manipulation work is in huge demand and big advertising companies spend more money on advertising quality photos. Manipulation all it contains the retouching of the skin, changes in the background, adding objects, image padding, blending or merging images, etc. All it comes with creativity and innovation.

If you're looking to advertise photos that relate to manipulation, then EditBlocks could help in building manipulation for your business. We got trained photoshop artist who uses advanced photo manipulation techniques like rendering images, applying shadows, proportion, texture, colour blending, etc.

Types of Images Manipulation
Services We Do

Before photoshop manipulation service
After photoshop manipulation before & after

1. Background Image Processing

To make changes in the background like adding colour, removing background or adding a new background all done through an image manipulation techniques.

2.Blending, Combining & Merging Images

Is a technique we often used in the images to blend, combine and to merge various images into a single image making it more attractive and innovative.

3.Extract Paticular Object

Is a technique to extract particular objects from the picture.
Before photoshop manipulation before editing
After photoshop manipulation quick & easy to retouch

4.Image Cropping

Is a technique we use in various photo editing work and also in image manipulation to crop the images as it required.

5. Image Retouching

Image retouching work we do to enhance the skin colour and remove pimples and other dark spots from the image making more realistic.

6. Image Composition

Placing & arranging the various elements in the frame.

Why Choose us for
Image Manipulation Service ?

We got a team of professional photo editors who do the photo manipulation, and other images correction work we won’t hire any freelance nor do any outsource work to outsiders. We do all types of editing works in our company. We got years of experience in editing photos without degrading the quality of the image.

A quick checklist of our work:

Privacy and Security- All your data will be highly secured. We will not be sharing any of your data in an open source without your permission.

Fast and Quality Based Service- We produce the result in the specified time based upon the no of images and the work. We are confident to provide you with the quality work that would beat your competitors.

Low Price- We will be charging a low amount as per the market standards rates.

Online support- If you’re looking for any help or any queries regarding our services, then we would be more appreciated to help in solving your problems by providing with the valuable solution.

What is Image manipulation?

Photo manipulation is an art to create the illusions or deception in photographs using the various photo manipulation techniques to enhance the quality of an ordinary image. Photo editor uses to extract the lousy compositing, changing the background, colour changes and other retouching works or photo alteration to enhance and improve the quality of the image. It’s all about the imagination and creativity to result in the output which is known as picture manipulation.

How Image manipulation
would help your business?

Photographers do their best, in shooting various photos which include all the elements in the images, matching the intensity and colouring of the light to make the frame more perfect in building a manipulation image. Photo editors who are most talented do combine all shots and blend to discover a new picture that would be something more catchy in the eyes of the viewers.

Photoshop photo manipulation have a big demand in the field of image advertising, fashion, e-commerce, product photography to publish it in various magazines, newspapers, layout designs, brand promotions, etc.

And with our service, your image will stand out from the competition comparing with your competitors. We will execute the process of editing the image in less time while charging less amount.